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We offer 3 different packages, depending on how many audio transcription minutes you need.


You get $10 added to your balance You pay $5 Enough for ~10 minutes
of audio transcription *
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You get $50 added to your balance You pay $25 Enough for ~50 minutes
of audio transcription *
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* Rated at $1/min, 72h delivery. Check other rates

Why choose Prepaid?

You have transcription credit up your sleeve wherever you are. What’s not to like?! 🙂

Smart spending

You get 20% more with every prepaid package you buy. And that’s not all! We even have special offers for super spenders – the more you spend the more you get!

Faster & Easier

Buy prepaid package and use it whenever you like. Transcribe your audios on the go from any location in the world.

Suited for You

Make use of your package in the best possible way by choosing one out of three turnover times according to your needs.

All pricing rates include full set of features

There are no hidden costs!


All transcribed files are delivered with timestamps for your convenience. We even denote multiple different speakers.

Automatic delivery

Every file we transcribe for you is sent directly to your inbox in your preferred file format.

Different speakers labeled

For easier reading we make reference of each speaker every time there is a change of speaker, free of charge!

Available everywhere

Your files are placed in your Transcribit account and can be accessed from your browser and downloaded if you like.

Transcription FAQ

Which languages do you support?

We provide transcription for English and Serbian language.

When will my transcription be done?

Your transcription will be delivered in 24, 48 or 72 hours, depending on the transcription rate, from the moment you receive an information that your audio file is assessed and accepted by our team.

What if I have a large audio file for transcription?

If your audio file is larger than 60 minutes, please contact us to get turnaround estimate.

How do I know when my transcript is complete?

When your transcript is complete you will receive an email.

Where can I see my finished transcript?

You receive every completed transcript directly to your email inbox. You can also review all of your transcripts in your account via Web.

Prepaid FAQ

How it works?

You create an account and buy a prepaid package. When your purchase is complete you will see available balance in your Transcribit account. When you order a transcription, your balance will be reduced by the price of particular order.

How often will I be billed?

You will be charged once for every package you buy.

When does my account balance expire?

Your account balance does not expire. You can use it as long as you have it, according to your needs.

I don’t have enough balance to order a transcription. What should I do?

You should buy a prepaid package.

Can I switch from prepaid to pay as you go billing method?

Once you have chosen the prepaid payment method you cannot switch to pay-as-you-go payment method. This process is irreversible.

Do you round up the length of an audio file?

Yes, we do. Every audio file is rounded to the nearest whole minute.

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