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Using Transcribit over Web

Full set of features available online!


Create account

Sign up, activate your account, choose Prepaid or Pay as you go payment method and start using Transcribit via web app.



Choose audio files you would like to convert into text and upload them directly to your account.



When you’re ready, pick a file and order transcription. You can specify transcription delivery time depending how much time you have.


Review, Share & Rate

When you receive a finished transcript, you can review it and rate our work, so we can become even better. If you want to share your files, you can forward it directly from your email inbox.

What’s happening behind the scenes?

We take great care of your files, take a look at our process.


Quality assessment

You send us an audio file you want to convert into text. We listen to your audio file to check if the sound is ok and let you know. Every audio file is assessed by grade and sent on to further processing.



A team of our experts pay great attention to your files. Through several stages of processing and validations our team converts audio files into text and forward them to senior transcriptionists for further analysis.


Proof reading

Senior transcriptionists verify the accuracy of the performed transcription and determine whether the text file you receive will be the best possible quality.


Delivery and grading

Finished transcript is delivered directly to your inbox in the preferred file format and you can evaluate it and tell us your experience. We appreciate the opinion of our customers as it helps deliver even better transcription.

Quality of Service – Key Features

Open 24/7

Experts working on transcriptions pay great attention to your files and data. Transcription is done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and goes through several rigorous stages of processing and validations to offer you guaranteed accuracy of 98% for transcribed files.

Human Professionals

From the moment you send us the file, depending on its priority and time you have chosen for transcription, your file is first sent to our human transcriptionist. Instead of using computer transcription, prone to errors and without track of modern speech or slang, we have formed a team of professional translators and transcriptionists. So we can offer best of both worlds.

Expert Validation

Through several stages your files are transcribed and forwarded to senior transcriptionists, who verify the correctness of the performed transcription and ensures that the file you receive will be the best possible quality.

Customer Feedback

Last but not least, we appreciate the opinion of our customers as it helps us to excell and deliver even better transcription. You have the opportunity to evaluate each file and tell us your experience.

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